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In the view of most of the world's healthcare systems our body works via energy lines or meridians (Chi in Traditional Chinese Medicine) . These meridians could be viewed as the electrical system that connects and keeps all the organs, glands, and tissues working together. The end zone of the meridians is in our extremities, the hands and feet. Reflexology is compression massage, similar to acupressure, of the hands and feet in order to aid healing.

The treatment environment is set up similarly to massage--subdued lighting, soothing music, perhaps a healing fragrance wafts the air. The patient lies down or is stretched out on a reclining chair--the objective is that you're relaxed and legs are extended. Hot towels soothe and relax your feet, and suitable oils make this a treatment that engages all senses. A treatment may be 30 minutes or an hour long. Reflexology is useful in maintaining health, diagnosing problem areas, and healing both acute and chronic ailments. Depending upon the nature of the illness or condition being treated, relief may occur with one treatment, or improvement may require regular (2-3x/week) treatments over a few weeks or months.

Treatment by a trained practitioner is exquisite, but they are not always easy to find. With a partner and a guidebook, you can give this therapy to each other, and children will benefit from reflexology as well. Massaging the reflex points on the hands is easily done by yourself, and foot treatment is possible on oneself although the legs cannot be extended for self-treatment.

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